McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger Is Back!

A gastronomic homecoming we’ve all been praying for

Photo: McDonald’s/Weekender

Hell hath no fury like a ravenous, Nasi Lemak-craving foodie. Ask the folks at McDonald’s, who, we would like to think, suffered the people’s wrath when the sought-after Nasi Lemak burger was sold out in less than two weeks after it was first launched.

Following this culinary tragedy, most of us had to make do with the burger renditions created by some local eateries across the nation. Some mentions are KF Seetoh’s interpretation of the nasi lemak burger ($7.50), and the XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger ($20) from Parisian restaurant Antoinette. They were nice, but were still nothing like McDonald’s.

But it seems there’s a God after all.

Praised be the Golden Arches as the fast food restaurant has brought back the Nasi Lemak Burger ($5.95) starting 31 August!

With the burger’s return comes a slew of tantalising offerings from McDonald’s familiar locally-inspired menu. Aside from old favourites such as Coconut Pie ($1.20), Chendol McFlurry ($3) and Bandung McFizz ($3.00), a new addition to the menu is the Sweet Corn Cone ($1).

So we urge you to get your hands on the Nasi Lemak burger as soon as you can.

Or procrastinate at your peril, this could be its last return.