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6 Fashion Tips To Look Younger

While a time-travelling machine is yet to be discovered, here are some ways to dress to look almost immediately younger

From high steiletto heels to a deep crimson lipstick, it’s quite ironic how we’re desperately striving to look older in our younger day.

Now older and not necessarily wiser, the realities of age start to emerge and soon, it is the pinafore-clad days that we most yearn to relive. Then begs the question – how can one ever reverse age and look younger?

Try as we must, here are six fashion tips to shave off a few years from your age:

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1. Beat the heat with a statement cap

When it comes to the unrelenting rays of Singapore’s sun, shade is a welcome gift for all.  After all, the sun is possibly the biggest culprit behind premature aging. But don’t lug around your Girdano umbrellas like an Auntie. Find shade from a statement cap instead.

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