10 Best Dumplings Of Dragon Boat Festival 2017 — Whether You Like It Sweet Or Savoury

Tuck into precious parcels of traditional glutinous rice studded with the likes of roast duck, sakura ebi, korobuta pork and more

This year, gone are the wild and unusual flavours that once dominated the rice dumpling creations of many a dining establishment.

Instead, traditional savoury dumplings make their much-anticipated return with luxurious ingredients that will tempt your taste buds.

Think abalone, roast duck, sakura ebi, korobuta pork and more — all nestled within glutinous rice.

Here are 10 dumplings worth every calorie:

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Photo: Imperial Treasure

2. Dried Scallop Rice Dumpling

Add a touch of exquisite flavour to your usual rice treat with Imperial Treasure’s Dried Scallop Rice Dumpling ($13.80 each), available until 30 May. Made with premium dried scallop, the dumpling is stocked full of heart ingredients like pork belly, salted egg yolk, Five Spice powder, mung beans, roasted pork and duck and mushroom; every bite into this dumpling yields a flavourful taste of home and tradition.

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Available at selected Imperial Treasure Restaurants.

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