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Here’s How The Rest Of The World Celebrated Star Wars Day

Come 4 May, the pop culture icon is celebrated with full force — from memes to parodies

Here in Singapore, Star Wars fans are treated to a Star Wars Festival at Gardens By The Bay and even a Star Wars-themed run.

So how did the rest of the world fare, when it comes to celebrating all things Jedi, Sith and everything in between?

We sneaked around the Internet and found these gems:

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1. A witty parody

Palette-Swap Ninja took five years to create an entire album parodying The Beatles’ phenomenal 8th album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Each track was recreated right down to the minute details — even the vintage organ heard in the original Beatles song Lucy In The Sky was the exact same model in the song’s counterpart, Luke Is In The Desert. Plus points to them for mirroring the tracks and music videos in the chronological order of A New Hope.

The entire collection of Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans is available for download on Soundcloud

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