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I Tried This Treatment And Shrank A Size In 3 Weeks

In fact, results could already be seen after one week

Photos: EstheClinic, Weekender

Skeptical about slimming and body-sculpting treatments? So was I – I’m a believer in simply exercising and controlling my food intake to bring myself down a couple of inches.

But try as I may – and many ladies can empathise with this – there were certain stubborn areas that wouldn’t budge. So when we heard about a non-invasive treatment that could help tone problem areas, I decided to give it a shot.

Brought in from France by EstheClinic, the Intensive Body Perfection Programme promises to target specific ‘problem’ areas using a two-step treatment: Lipocavitation ultrasound therapy and thermo-controlled radiofrequency.

Not only was it going to be painless; it was also going to take only six one-hour sessions.

Taking a gamble, I headed down to EstheClinic’s newest branch at Joo Chiat Road.

Personalised care

My first session kicked off with a consultation, where a therapist took the time to understand my needs – from my frequency of exercise to my diet.

I was given the option of choosing any stubborn area to target, so I went with my lower tummy. I was also advised to limit my carbohydrate intake, which I was already doing.

Starting with the lipocavitation ultrasound therapy, the therapist concentrated the device around my abdomen, even massaging the chubby build-up on the sides of my hips – also known as the “love handles”.

The first session took some getting used to, as I wasn’t expecting the high-pitch frequency of the machine or the strength of the kneading. My therapist explained that the ‘massage’ helps the machine reach the inner layers of fat cells, and we chatted to while the time away.

After half an hour, what followed was thermo-controlled radiofrequency therapy, where a heated device is rolled over the targetted area to firm up the skin and smoothen out cellulite. This portion was so relaxing that I even dozed off for a short while.

To accompany the treatment, I was also given Le Draineur, a natural detoxifying syrup that helps the body to drain toxins while aiding in reduction of fats and water retention.

Fast and effective

Within the week, I had already begun to see results. My pants felt much looser around the waist, and friends had pointed out visible weight loss. All this even without much change in my diet (I was still indulging in guilty pleasures like fast food and milk tea).

I went ahead with the rest of the treatment, returning every week and consuming Le Draineur daily. By the fourth session, I had effectively dropped a pant size, and my waistline had become more slim and defined.

Of course, I also kept up with my exercises, hitting the gym every week. Limiting my carb intake was also essential to keeping my calorie count under control.

The verdict

If you’ve tried every fat-busting tip in the book but are still dealing with a stubborn area, the Intensive Body Perfection Programme is your answer. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, the treatment produced dramatic results that I didn’t think were possible.

For the busy urban woman, it’s a good option to consider as it allows for flexibility. I could simply head to the clinic during my lunch break, or even head off for a trip and resume my treatment without affecting the results.

I’ve spread out my sessions once weekly for a month, but it’s possible to fit two sessions into a week for faster results.

The Intensive Body Perfection Programme is available from $320 per session, depending on the area to be treated and the length of treatment. The package is customised during the initial consultation, can go up to 10 sessions and includes dietary supplements.

Available at EstheClinic outlets, including the newest branch at 424 Joo Chiat Road.