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Get Your Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charm On 16 Jan Before They’re Sold Out!

We used it for a few days; here are our thoughts and photos.

Photos: Weekender

You might want to stay up a little later on the night of 15 January, because the newest Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charms will be released online at the stroke of midnight, 16 January!

And yes, if you want to secure one, it’s probably wise to snag yours right when the charms are available at EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee. The past few Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charms (and many other character-themed EZ-Charms) have sold out within just a few hours.

The new Hello Kitty charm will be sold exclusively on Shopee for $29.90, and it’s valid for use for 3 years.

The people at Shopee kindly sent us a charm to review, and we loved the beautiful embroidery that just about goes with any bag and outfit! It’s also on the bigger side compared to previous charms, more like your usual keychain.

This time, Shopee and EZ-Link are giving us an embroidered mash-up of two iconic cats: Hello Kitty and Maneki Neko, the Japanese fortune cat. Perfect for Chinese New Year! Who knows what good luck and fortune this adorable charm would bring your way?

There are two main ways to keep it close to you: hook it to your bag or your phone. The charm comes with a big ring hook like your typical keychain, as well as a little insert for a headphone jack. So you can choose to carry it on your bag or purse, like this:

Or hook it up onto your phone, like this:

It’s easy to see why EZ-Charms are all the rage lately. Besides the cute designs of your favourite characters, the charms are also a much more convenient alternative to the traditional EZ-Link cards. You no longer have to scramble to fish your wallet out of your bag, open up your wallet, and then whip out your card from its holder.

With the charm, you can just swing your bag a little and tap it, or lower your phone, which would already be in our hands, for many of us.

And you use it just like an EZ-Link card! You can use it on buses, trains, taxis and retail places that accept EZ-Link payment. The charm does not come with any prepaid value in it, so simply top up your charm at a General Ticketing Machine at any MRT station, or through the EZ-Link app.

So mark your calendars, set your alarms; you’ll want to get this Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charm before they’re all gone.