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Bucket List: Swim With Jellyfish In Indonesia

Add a little zing to your snorkelling trip in this jellyfish lake in Indonesia

Photos: Shutterstock


Snorkelling is a popular activity in Indonesia, thanks to its rich bio-diversity and beautiful natural landscapes. But one lake in Pulau Kakaban takes the cake for adventurous divers; here, you can swim with endless clouds of jellyfish.

Don’t worry, these are non-stinging species, so you’re not in any danger. It’s just a relaxing dip with oodles of jellyfish bobbing around you, like an underwater garden of flowers. These jellyfish have been living in this lagoon instead of the open sea, and due to the lack of natural predators, they have lost their stings and thus pose no harm to human visitors.


This saltwater lake was created by geological rising of the seabed over millions of years, and today, it acts as a natural well that preserves a unique ecosystem of marine creatures, isolated from the world.

Pulau Kakaban is located approximately 20 minutes from the city of Sangalaki, in the Derawan archipelago. The Jellyfish Lake is open all year round and only available for snorkelling.


To get here, you must bargain with an owner of a speedboat at Tanjung Batu. A fair price would be about 200,000IDR (about $21), more if you have more than one traveller. When you reach the island, simply follow the pathway leading to the lake.