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10 Crazy ‘Haunted’ Houses That Will Freak You Out

We’re kind of glad these aren’t available in Singapore – yet

In the spirit of the Halloween season, you may be looking for some spooky things to do – such as a scary Doll Factory maze, perhaps. But what if you’re a brave and courageous daredevil who loves to tempt fate, and none of Singapore’s Halloween events are scary enough for you?

We scour the world (wide web) to bring you 10 truly freaky haunted houses and trails that you’d have to be raving mad to try. Do you dare visit any of these?

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Photo: frightsite.com

1. The Dent Schoolhouse, Ohio

The Dent Schoolhouse is so frightening because it was a real public schoolhouse in the 1800s, and is reportedly haunted to this day. It’s so notorious that paranormal investigators often tour the site.

Of course, the realistic props and make-up contribute to the horrifying experience. The Schoolhouse often organises special events throughout the year with ever-changing trails, so no two walkthroughs are the same. Not that we’d want to go back after crapping our pants.

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