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Trending Exotic Destinations Around The World

These exotic destinations are quickly gaining popularity with travellers seeking one-of-a-kind experiences

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Long weekends, vacation leave and free time in general are hard to come by. When you finally carve out some time for a proper holiday, you might want to seek out an adventure in a land far, far away.

Several far-flung destinations are making their way onto the maps of some travellers, thanks to new flights, modes of transport and tourism facilities that have been introduced over the years. We take a closer look at three such emerging places.

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Kazakhstan in Central Asia is a goliath where traditional buildings, futuristic architecture and arresting natural landscapes blend together in harmony.


Nestled between two fellow giants Russia and China, Kazakhstan was launched to ‘stardom’ with the 2006 comedy-mockumentary Borat. Its seemingly endless terrain features extremely breathtaking formations that draw numerous outdoorsmen and backpackers from around the world.

But Kazakhstan’s population isn’t all rural. Its biggest city, Almaty, is a glittering and ritzy centrepiece of modern cafes, shopping centres and buzzing nightlife.

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