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6 Easy Tips That Will Instantly Get Rid Of Dry Hair

Say goodbye to that hay-like hair with these tips you can easily use every day


Sometimes, all a girl wants is beautiful coloured hair – alas, having a vibrant and stylish mane often comes with the hefty price of dry hair and split ends.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We find out from the experts of Beijing 101 if they have any quick and fast tips to deal with dry hair, and here are six fool-proof ways to make the fray go away.


1. Don’t over-shampoo

It’s true what they say: You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Over-shampooing can strip your hair of vital oils, called sebum, which are needed to keep it shiny and healthy.

Some swear by washing every other day, but for those with dry hair, you’ll want to reduce your shampoo regimen to no more than two or three times a week. This will help you to maintain healthy sebum levels and prevent drying.

2. Always condition your hair

Although you shouldn’t over-shampoo your hair, you should still condition it whenever possible. Conditioner doesn’t strip dirt (and sebum) away from hair like shampoo does; instead, it adds in the moisture and reduces cuticle swelling.

Invest in a high-quality conditioner if you suffer from dry hair. The few extra dollars will give you a product that goes the extra distance for your follicles.

3. Don’t forget leave-in conditioner

Another easy way to repair your hair without thinking too much is to use leave-in conditioner, which comes in either cream or spray form.

Simply towel-dry your hair until partially dry, then apply the leave-in conditioner. That’s it – you’re now free to go about your daily business while your hair soaks up all the good moisture it needs.


4. Apply a hair mask

Take this extra step just once or twice a week, and your new soft hair will thank you. Alongside your daily routine, apply an intensive moisturising mask to your hair.

Coat your entire mane from root to tip in this good stuff, and tie it back in a bun if you have long hair. Remember to cover your head with a shower cap to prevent the mask from rubbing off on clothing and furniture.

Leave the mask in for at least an hour, then rinse the product from your hair with a shower.

5. Use low-sulphate or sulphate-free shampoo

Speaking of washing your hair, did you know that the frothiness of shampoo lather isn’t a good sign for your poor locks?

Many shampoos are high in sulphates, which create that frothiness. While the lather might make you feel like you’re getting clean, the sulphates actually strip your hair of important natural oils.

Switch your shampoo to something that’s low in sulphate or even sulphate-free. You’ll have to get used to lather-less showers – but your hair will be just as clean and more luscious than ever.


6. Avoid heat-intensive styling processes

For many women, it’s hard to avoid usage of blow-dryers, curlers and straighteners. But regular exposure to these heat-intensive tools can cause heat damage and exacerbate dry hair.

Instead of resorting to blow-drying, allow your hair to air-dry as often as possible (why not put on a hair mask while you’re at it?). If you have to use heat tools, always use protective products to shield your hair from further harm.

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