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6 Must-Do’s In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Food, culture and so much more!

Taiwan’s second largest city is a treasure trove of attractions for those who wish to go south of Taipei. By Marlene Tan

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6. Head to Pingtung for an unforgettable meal

While in the south, you should consider going for a drive into the heart of Pingtung for a taste of aboriginal culture. After all, the Taiwanese aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of the island, having been on it for at least 5,000 years. Akame,  is an hour’s drive away from Kaohsiung city centre is a restaurant owned by an aboriginal chef. It is so popular among locals and tourists that dining spaces get filled two months ahead. Here, Le Cordon-bleu-trained chef-owner, Alex Peng serves up beautiful plates of locally-sourced meats, seafood and wild vegetables cooked in aboriginal methods like boiling and grilling.

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