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Beijing’s Forbidden Palace Museum Releases It’s Own Makeup series… And We’re Totally Loving It!!!

Who knew “Palace Wall Red” could look so gorgeous?

All Photos: GuGong Taobao  

From 2016’s successful line of paper masking tapes that took everyone by storm, many have been writing in to request that the Forbidden Palace museum release a collection featuring the signature “Palace Wall Red” hues. Alas, it has arrived!

Decked out in shades of auspicious Chinese colours and oriental designs, the Forbidden Palace Museum in Beijing has upped their game and launched their very own makeup series!

The “Celestial Crane” designs are largely influenced by cultural relic artwork, with gentle cranes sweeping through waves and swirling cherry blossom petals—owning one of these is almost like owning a piece of cultural art yourself!

From the Celestial Crane series—this hue is known as “Palace Wall Red” and is in the same shade as the signature red walls of the Forbidden Palace. Red with just a tint of orange, perfect for brightening the Asian complexion without coming off too bold.

This plum-hued red has a cool tint to it and adds a touch of prim elegance to your overall look.

This terracotta red makes a bold statement with its rich hue— an essential shade in every girl’s lipstick collection.

The delicate Celestial crane eyeshadow palette presents earthy shades with a slight pearly shine, creating an elegant look that is suitable for daily wear.

This coral blush is designed with the Palace Museum’s cultural relic in mind, called the “Jade Coral Chrysanthemum Bonsai 玉石珊瑚菊花盆景”. Pretty to wear and pretty to look at too.

Finally, the shimmery highlighter is inspired by another palace collection called the “Water Map 水圖卷”. Perfect for putting the final glow and glam to your makeup look.

These products are available while stocks last; from the Palace Museum Gift Shop in Beijing, China or online