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Romantic Escapade


Once a US military supply base, the remote island atoll of Bora Bora is now an exotic resort which appeals to newlyweds

Due to its far-flung site, the island resort of Bora Bora is rarely packed with tourists or visitors.

Native Polynesians number about 9,000 and most of them reside on the main island and around Vaitape, the village hub. Amid the dense vegetation, an extinct volcano dominates the landscape, rising to about 730m, the highest point on the island.

Above the Rest

Bora Bora stands out as an exclusive tourist destination from among the cluster of 130 islands in French Polynesia. The palm-fringed island’s features such as the peaceful lagoon, turquoise blue waters and white sands, and intimate beachfront chalets suggest the perfect setting for a honeymoon. The island is also a choice venue for weddings among the well-heeled.

To get to Bora Bora, connect with Air Tahiti, which flies five to six times daily from Papeete in Tahiti to Bora Bora Airport (also called Motu Mute Airport) located on Motu Mute, north of the main island. Boats or ferries facilitate transfers between the islands.
Like the local folk, you get around by ferry, car or bicycle. You can also rent two-seater buggies at Vaitape.

Aquatic Pursuits

For tourists, there is no lack of aquatic activities around the lagoon: jet skiing, para gliding, snorkelling and scuba diving. A couple of diving agencies on Bora Bora conduct shark and manta ray diving trips. Just ask around. Rent-a-boat cruises for couples are also available.

Nonetheless, if all you want is to take it easy, then sunbathe by the beach or lie all day on a hammock and sip on cola with the ocean breeze caressing your cheeks.

Intimate Chalets

Naturally, Bora Bora’s main source of revenue comes from tourism, supplemented by its coconut cottage industry. Several hotel chain resorts have sprung up lately around the lagoon, providing a range of accommodation from the basic to the very luxurious.

Most of these resorts offer private chalets on stilts over the water and they are linked by suspended boardwalks. The furnished units look out to the wide expanse of blue waters and beyond to lend an aura of romance.

Pamper yourselves here with life’s comforts, even if it is just a brief getaway.