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Vientiane: The capital with the heart of a small town

Relaxed and laid-back Vientiane in Laos is the ideal place to unwind

The Buddhist and mythological statues are a spectacle
The Buddhist and mythological statues are a spectacle

If your idea of the perfect getaway destination is a city that has never grown up then Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, is the ideal place for you.

The people in Vientiane are friendly, the streets are spotless, and the air is fresh and clean. Vientiane is a city that has not forgotten how to smile, and to make you feel truly welcome.

Industrialization and big business have wiped out the rustic charm of yesteryear in so many places in Southeast Asia. This is not true of Vientiane. Life here is easy and relaxed.

This nearby city that’s stuck in time is a place with stunning sights and sounds that can be enjoyed at your own leisure.

#88_travel_shutterstock_188124059Massage Stress Away

The first order of business after arriving in the city should be to get rid of the stress that travelled with you from your work environment. There are several places where you can get a relaxing massage at a price that will put a smile on your face.

The next step is to do some exploring. Thanks to the humble bicycle and tuk-tuk, getting around on a budget is no problem. Head down to Patuxai Park and climb up the stairs of the Victory Monument. There, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area and you can observe the locals as they go about their daily life.

Visit Earth, Heaven and Hell

There are quite a few must-see places in the city. The most interesting and unique of which is Buddha Park.

Buddha Park is quite far out of Vientiane but well worth the trip. Stepping into this park with its enormous collection of Buddhist and Hindu statues is like stepping into another world.

Some of the statues here are beautiful and others are grotesque. Where else would you get the opportunity to enter earth, heaven and hell through the giant mouth of a demon?

There are many Buddha temples or wats worth a visit. Wat Ho Phra Keow, with its Buddha statues of bronze and immaculate gardens, is an awe-inspiring sight.

Ancient monuments still stand tall
Ancient monuments still stand tall

A Beer to End the Day

To bring a hard day of sightseeing to a perfect end, you can always enjoy a Beer Lao while watching the sun slowly set over the legendary Mekong River.

The friendly smiles of the people of Vientiane hide a history of hardship and pain. Visit the Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) to learn how people can overcome the biggest challenges by helping one another to ensure a better future.

It will definitely be the highlight of your holiday.

Check the low-cost or budget carriers for cheap flights to Vientiane and soak up the rustic beauty of this friendly city.

By Igert le Roux