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7 Wonderful Ways To Discover Ehime, Japan

This Japan prefecture is a lesser known oasis of relaxation and impeccable cuisine

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If you've already embarked on the Golden Route, also known as the old Tōkaidō road from Tokyo to Kyoto, you might want to consider exploring Ehime the next time you visit Japan.

While less bustling than its counterparts, the prefecture, which literally means "lovely princess" in Japanese, is rich with history, culture, and the traditional spirit of hospitality. Plus, its warm and mild climate makes it a breeze to travel anytime of the year.

Here are seven ways to discover this up and coming gem:

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7. Immerse yourself in local festivities

Saijo Festival and Niihama Drum Festival, both held in the middle of October, are great festivals for tourists to explore local culture.

With approximately 200 decorated floats parading the two adjoining cities, this is a sight not to be missed.

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