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Have You Tried McCafe’s New Dinosaur Frappé?

McDonald’s takes a fun spin on another kopitiam favourite

Photo: McDonald’s


After stirring up a frenzy with locally-inspired flavours like salted egg yolk, pepper crab and gula melaka, McDonald’s is back to tinkle with another favourite of ours.

They’ve launched the Dinosaur Frappé, which seems to be inspired by the Milo Dinosaur.

Loved for its condensed milk induced sweetness and heaping of milo powder, the beverage is commonly ordered at kopitiams (traditional coffee shops).

Thankfully, the Dinosaur Frappé ($5.30) has drawn pretty positive remarks so far, unlike the mixed reactions towards the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger.

Verdict? The Dinosaur Frappé is slightly richer than your average Milo Dinosaur, thanks to its smoothie-like consistency. It is also topped with crunchy coco pops and rich chocolate malt powder for a nice play on textures.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder what’s next on McDonald’s local food streak. How about something zichar-inspired?

Dinosaur Frappé is available at all McCafé outlets in Singapore for a limited time period from now to 21 Sep, while stocks last.