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Be awed by Mother Nature’s winter magic

Instead of the usual night under the stars, imagine gazing at the mystical Northern Lights


Let the mercurial Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis take your breath away, in the scenic countryside of Iceland.

Scientists have learnt that the auroras in the northern and southern hemispheres often appear at the same time as mirrored images with similar shapes and colours.

The science behind the lights is also magical. Electrically-charged particles from the sun collide in Earth’s atmosphere, causing colourful and bright lights to ‘dance’ across the skies.

There are a couple of places where one may view the Aurora Borealis — including Canada and Alaska — but Iceland stands as the most accessible and pocket-friendly.

Take a 45-minute drive from Keflavik Airport to reach the capital, Reykjavik. If you have the luxury of a car, drive to the President’s residence, Bessastadir. Otherwise, take a short walk to the Sun Voyager statue, which is by the seaside, to enjoy the Northern Lights.

Scientists have said that because we are at the downward leg of its solar cycle, the Lights will dim until as late as 2026. Luckily for us, 2016 will still provide ample views of the auroras before they fade for the decade. Catch it before it disappears!

By Natalie Kwan