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Walk on a beach full of stars

Be dazzled by the magnificent sparkling ‘stars’ of the beaches of Vaadhoo Island


Witness the beach lit up with a galaxy of stars, thanks to bioluminescent phytoplankton.


Most travellers are familiar with the Maldives, the idyllic paradise on Earth, but few know about the glowing star-filled beaches of Vaadhoo Island.

Make a trip to this portal to the Milky Way and witness the stunning sight.


Leave Your Footprints on the Stars

This rare phenomenon of what appears to be a shore full of stars is attributed to the reaction that occurs when micro-organisms in the sea are disturbed by oxygen, known as bioluminescence.

The phytoplankton in the sea give off a luminous bright blue glow, lighting up the shore to resemble a trail or blanket of stars.

Here, you can take a leisurely stroll along the white sand beach and leave bright, luminous footprints in the sand.

To get the most out of this magical experience, opt for a villa that stretches out into the ocean, so that you get the perfect view of the sea and glowing ‘stars’ along the shoreline.


A Surfer’s Paradise

Aside from the romantic walk along the illuminated beach, you can give surfing a try while you’re there. What’s a tropical beach holiday without some excitement on the waves?

Head to the Blue Bowls surf point, which sits on the reef of Vaadhoo Islands, tucked safely inside the pass between Castaways and Five Islands.

Blue Bowls is a point-style wave, and wraps gently around the point before dividing into a series of bowls. As such, you’ll be protected from offshore winds as you conquer the majestic right-hander waves.

The waves range from three to eight feet but surfers have found it to be most optimal at six feet.


Snorkelling Options & Exciting Sights


Get up close and personal with the marine animals such as the banner fish when you snorkel at Vaadhoo Caves Dive.


Even more thrills await as you make your way to the Vaadhoo Caves Dive, where you can expect to pass through various caves and caverns. Spot schools of soldier fish and banner fish swimming upside down, as well as moray eels that stay close to the vibrant-hued coral-coated walls.

Beyond the caves other larger, more interesting inhabitants of the sea can be spotted, including whitetip sharks and tuna. You should also seize the opportunity to witness the majestic sight of large eagle rays swimming freely across the reef.

Of course, on this trip, you should make some space in your luggage for a good camera. You’d want to capture these unforgettable sights and adventures to preserve these memories for life.


By Natalie Kwan


Vaadhoo Island is located 8km from Male Airport. You can reach the island within an hour via the Motordhoni (sailboat), or catch the Island Ferry.