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Famous Markets Around The World Worth Visiting At Least Once In Your Life

These famous markets are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime – some before they disappear

By Pamela Chow

They say the best way to immerse yourself in a new place is to live like a local.

Markets are the crossroads of cultures and communities, and a great place to experience interesting interactions often absent at typical tourist sites.

From quirky trinkets to wares from all over the region, markets are often both shopping streets as well as places of historical significance.

We take a look at some of the most iconic ones around the world.

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Take a bite of local delicacies at the Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar, China. (Photo: Alica Q / Shutterstock.com)

1. China: Kashgar Sunday Bazaar

The Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar is arguably a must-visit place in China, as it is speculated to be one of the oldest markets in Asia.

Sitting on China’s westernmost border and in the middle of Central Asia, Pakistan and the Kashmir of India, this 41-acre market is historically located at the Silk Road crossroads of Central Asia. As a result, the bazaar sees visitors and traders from Pakistanis to Tajiks, since 128 BC till today.

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Kashgar is inhabited by Xinjiang-Uighurs. The region is still considered comparatively poor and technologically undeveloped, so their trading practices have largely remained the same for centuries. You’ll see cattle, horses (and buyers giving them test rides), carts and ethnic handmade apparel sold at the market.

According to travelchinaguide.com, the bazaar’s livestock district is only open on Sundays but the rest of the market, despite its name, is open every day.

Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, Kashi, Xinjiang

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