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9 Things That Prove Mauritius & Reunion Island Are Magical

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Weekender heads across the Indian Ocean to experience the best of this tropical paradise

Photos: Weekender, shot on Olympus EPL-8

The twin stars in the western Indian Ocean, Mauritius and Reunion Island are largely known as dreamy beach destinations for sun lovers and thrill seekers.

However, as we discovered, there are many more exciting experiences to be had at this paradise.

Mauritius was once a French (1715-1810) and then a British (1810-1968) colony, and while the government uses English as its official language, you’ll hear mostly French being chattered and hollered in the streets.

Led by a helpful and friendly guide from Kreola Ltd, we uncovered these gems on our journey.

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1. Blue Safari Grand Bay

Before landing on this gorgeous island, your heart may already be yearning to dive into the blue ocean. Here’s a great place to start; and you don’t even have to get wet (yet).

Blue Safari will take you into the depths of the sea in a unique submarine experience — the only one operating in the Indian Ocean. We took a 40-minute spin in a mini submarine, descending 35m into the warm waters to join colourful fish, coral and stingray in their natural habitat.

Here’s a special touch: There’s even the choice of having lunch or champagne on board too, while the marine wildlife meanders all around you.

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