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8 Wild Things You Can Actually Do In Thailand

Thailand’s more than just shopping and eating sprees

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Thailand – especially Bangkok – is one of Singaporeans’ most loved vacation destinations. But what if we told you that the country has more to offer than just cheap eats and shopping hauls?

For your next adrenaline-pumped adventure, here are eight crazy experiences you can actually have in Thailand.

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1. Cliff jump off the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai

The United States isn’t the only one with a beautiful canyon to show off. Chiang Mai is home to the Hang Dong Canyon – also known as the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai – an unbelievable watering hole less than an hour from the main city.

Here, you can swim, sunbathe, cliff jump, picnic or even enjoy a barbeque at a grill. The place is built for varying levels of cliff jumpers, from starter ramps to a terrifying 16m-high jump.

The easiest way is to get here is to rent a car or a motorbike and key “Grand Canyon Chiang Mai” into your GPS.

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