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7 Places To Explore In South Korea (That Isn’t Seoul!)

So much more than just the country of K-pop and Bibimbap!

Known worldwide for being the home base of K-pop, Korean dramas and food— South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, is known as the place to visit when jumping on the “Hallyu-wave”. But when all’s Seoul-ed and done—We’re here to tell you all about these other amazing places to explore when your next adventure takes you to South Korea!

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1. Daegu

Located less than 2-hours away by KTX, Daegu is known for its thriving textile industry and is home to a number of relics from Korea’s modern history. Adventure seekers and nature lovers will love taking a cable car ride up to Palgong-san, and being treated to awesome views of the city at the peak of the mountain. A visit to the unique DTC Textile Museum is must-do while you’re in Daegu as well, and top off your experience with a trip to the Seomun Market; one of the largest markets opened since the Joseon Dynasty.

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