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7 Luxurious Hotels And Resorts From Around The World To Check Into

Flee into the arms of an opulent getaway at these lavish holiday homes:

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Photo: Soneva 

7. Soneva Jani, Maldives

Footwear seems rather unnecessary when you head to Maldives’ Soneva Jani, a stunning resort that is built almost entirely over turquoise waters. Comprising 24 gorgeous villas, including a lone-wolf beach villa on the uninhabited island of Medhufaru, the resort caters to your every need – almost literally. From the type of pillow (there are about a dozen options) and the fragrance which is to be sprayed on the pillow to your favourite food and even the type of music you want to play in your villa to welcome your arrival, Soneva Jani is befitting royalty, if not for the casual, laid-back attire that may be the only thing that is asked of you.  



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