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5 Tricks To Get More Bang For Your Budget Flight

Lesser-known tips on how to pay less for much more on your next flight

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Low-cost carriers have revolutionised travel, and flights are now easier to book and more affordable than ever. But securing a steal on your air fare is just half the battle won.

Try out these five tips the next time you’re booking a low-cost flight, and you may be surprised by how much more value you can get on a budget.

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2. Consider “stitching” flights

If planning and scoring a sweet deal are two of your interests, then consider “stitching” together separate flights. Only if you’re not rushing for time on your flights, try combining separate one-way tickets to build a route with a layover in between.

For example, a one-way ticket to Taipei, Taiwan, followed by a one-way ticket to Tokyo, Japan, could come up cheaper than a direct one-way ticket from Singapore to Tokyo – which, on some flights, have a stopover anyway. Use the layover time to explore another city.

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