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5 Dreamy River Cruises That Will Make You Sigh With Envy

Life is a like dream when you’re sailing down a stream

Drifting past hidden river banks and tiny fishing jetties, a river cruise is one of the best ways to discover – or rediscover – a different and more authentic side of the country you’re visiting.

The next time you travel, consider embarking on a day cruise and you may just find new reasons to love the destination. Check out these five sailings that has gotten us day dreaming about our next holiday:

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Photo: Oasis Travel

1. Evening Northern Lights cruise, Iceland

What’s a visit to Iceland without catching the Aurora Borealis? A package by Oasis Travel includes an evening cruise beneath the Northern Lights of the famous Golden Circle, with many of Iceland’s natural wonders abound.

You’ll even get the chance to take a soak in the warm mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, the famous natural geothermal pool.

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