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A Massive Outdoor Artsy Festival Is Coming Next Month

We’re all kids when this mid-year holiday event rolls around

Photos: National Gallery Singapore

You’re never too old to enjoy the holidays – especially not when there’s a large summer festival coming up.

From 20 May-8 Oct, the National Gallery Singapore is throwing its first Children’s Biennale, themed “Dreams & Stories” and filled with immersive and interactive showcases, installations and activities.

Although it’s geared towards children, we’re excited about some of the highlights in the festival. Here are four sights in particular that we’re looking forward to catching:

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Photo: Katie Bennett / Qagoma

1. Obliteration Room

It sounds a little ominous, but the actual visual here is nothing close to being melodramatic.

Instead, it refers to the technique of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who’s spent 40 years making paintings, sculptures and photographs using dots to cover surfaces and even entire rooms.

The work invites you to join in and have fun covering all the furniture and walls in this living room with bright colourful dots.

Concourse Gallery 2, Supreme Court Wing.

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