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10 Travelling Animals And Their Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

We’re getting serious wanderlust from these critters

How does it feel when you realise a canine companion or a feline friend is more widely-travelled than you?

This seems to be the case for some of these Instagram-famous pets which have travelled to far-flung corners of the world, whereas back home, your passport is barely touched and the furthest you’ve been to is Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club.

One thing’s for sure, these travelling animals have garnered massive appeal when their adventure-seeking owners upload a picture of them posing in places of Asia, America, Europe and Australia. Perhaps it’s more endearing to see a furry animal having the time of its life, as compared to a silly co-worker boasting about her travels on Instagram.

Here are just 10 of these animals accounts you should check out:

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1. Aspen the Golden Retriever

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