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Would You Want To Figure Out Your Cat’s Personality From Its Palm?

We’re not sure if it applies to all its nine lives though

There’s this belief (in both the East and the West apparently) that by observing the position of various lines in the palm of a human hand, and the shapes and sizes of the fingers, you can judge the personality and even the destiny of a person.

While we’re still not entirely believers of this “fortune telling” method, there’s already a new form of palm reading making waves on the internet, one that claims to be able to tell the personalities of cats from their palms.

Here’s how you can try to palm-read your very own kitty:

The first thing to look at is the shape of the main pad’s fore paw. According to the shape of the pad, the palms of the masters can be roughly divided into five categories (ABCDE), which are further subdivided into 13 shapes.

According to the shape of the pad, the palms of the masters can be roughly divided into five categories of ABCDE, and the five categories are subdivided into 13 shapes…

If your cat belongs to Cat A (see what we did there), it probably yearns for more sayangs than the other cats, and yearns to be loved and spoilt by its owner. Cat A cats are cheerful and bubbly, and typically enjoy eating and human interaction.

Type B cats are a little on the wilder side, but still enjoys time spent with its human companions. The adventurous type B cats are popular among their feline compatriots.

Cat C cats (lol)  are basically the dao cats. They like to be quiet, keep away from other cats, enjoy solitude, and are the epitome of cat elegance. As a result of their calm disposition, Cat C cats are the easiest to be photographed.

Cats who fall into Cat D are indifferent and aloof, and will only be approachable to the humans they have pre-approved. They’re very sensitive to strangers, but lack personality.

The cats with the most extreme personality falls into Cat D, with most of this group being extremely neurotic. If you find yourself unable to take a quick glance at your cat’s paw because it refuses adamantly (or tries to scratch you in retaliation), it’s highly like you have a Cat D on hand. I repeat, Cat D.

So, would you try this on your own cat?