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10 Thrilling Experiences You Have To Be Mad To Try

These extreme attractions are definitely not for the faint of heart

Earlier this year, we delved into a series covering the best travel spots for adventure enthusiasts, from trekking lovers to cyclists and even diving destinations.

But there are even more extreme adventures around the world, and these attractions prove it. Would you dare try any of them?

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1. Alpine mountain coasters

Come summer, when skiing takes a back seat, another attraction becomes the centre of attention with travellers.

Rather than climbing or riding a ski lift down the mountain, visitors are choosing an alternative transport that will get your heart racing: Alpine coasters. The path twists and turns all the way down, bringing you up-close to the dramatic mountain views – that is, if you can keep your eyes open.

Such dry toboggan runs can be split into two types: Slides and rail coasters. The former guides riders down a metal half-tube, while the latter operates like a single-vehicle rollercoaster.

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