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10 Vineyards In Italy Every Wine Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime

Journey to the land where fermented liquid gold is made

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Versace and pasta.

Among the many reasons to love Italy, it is most lauded for being a wine paradise.

Boasting over ten thousands of grape varieties from stretches of vineyards, the country is the largest producer and exporter of wine in the world.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that wine enthusiasts from around the globe flock to Italy to experience the wine culture firsthand.

Even if wine doesn’t top your list of priorities, the scenic vineyards will simply take your breath away.

Here are 10 vineyards to visit especially if you fancy sipping on the sweet nectar of fermented grapes.

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1. Azienda Agricola Taliano Michele

Run by the Taliano family, this winery offers quality wines that are truly value for money. Blending traditional and modern methods of winemaking, the winery ferments its grapes in old-fashioned cement vats before aging the wine in French oak barrels. Follow one of the vine growers as he leads you on a rugged path through thick forests and you’ll find the winery’s sprawling vineyards as they lie hidden away from plain sight.

Corso Manzoni, 24 – 12046 – Montà

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