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Why The Internet Is Going Gaga Over This Beautyblender Hack

More than one way to use this ingenious beauty tool

By Elizabeth Lee

Original BeautyBlender

Photo: Beautyblender

Beauty junkies know and love the ubiquitous pink sponge that’s made makeup application a breeze. Thanks to its unique shape, using the Beautyblender to apply liquid foundation to hard-to-reach areas of the face is no longer a daily morning challenge.

Now, the Internet has gone gaga over the alternative use of this useful beauty tool.

We’ve seen it used to create ombré nails and even beautiful watercolour eyeshadow, but UK-based hairstylist Jamie Stevens (@jamiestevens7) has taken it a notch higher with this experiment.

To create a soft look when colouring his client’s hair, he sliced the beautyblender into half (yes, we can hear your audible gasps), and applied the dye using a technique that is reminiscent of strobing.

The process looks a little messy, but the results are pretty darn amazing.

Check it out for yourself.

Not bad, huh?

Beautyblender (Single), S$32, is available at www.beautycarousel.com.