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Popular Influencers say that NUE SHAPE treatments actually work!

Popular Influencers give it weight on NUE SHAPE.

Indeed, staying beautiful and looking younger is what everyone wants to achieve even popular influencer. As a result, NUE SHAPE is here to help you achieve that.

NUE SHAPE aims to offer the best and most effective service to everyone. They provide an extensive selection of amazing beauty treatments including facials, slimming treatments, revitalizing massage therapy and hair removal.

A lot of influencers raved about NUE SHAPE and we had the honour to interview personalities such as Cleo Kim and Shannen Tan on their take on NUE SHAPE treatments.

How did you find out about NUE SHAPE?

Cleo: My best friend introduced me to NUE SHAPE and I tried the service and I’ve been a regular ever since.

Shannen: I found NUE Shape via Instagram.

What kind of treatments are you doing at NUE SHAPE?

Cleo: I actually do most of the treatments that NUE SHAPE has to offer from head to toe.

Shannen: I’ve done lasers and Plasma facials here.

For the services provided by NueShape, Cleo feels that they are very effective to her problems.

How do you feel after the treatments?

Cleo: I definitely benefited it from all the treatments. From body contouring to skin tightening as well as losing some fats in certain areas. Especially my loose skin problem, which had significant improvement after the treatment! My skin glows and contours from their facial as well. I also get rid of body hair with their IPL services.

Shannen: After I did plasma facial and the laser, my skin feels so hydrated, bright and supple. I look forward to trying their body contouring services.

Shannen is using the plasma device from Korea.

Besides the treatments, is there anything you would like to recommend from NUE SHAPE?

Cleo: There are actually three main products that I use from NUE SHAPE. I’ve been using them for 4 months and their serum is my holy grail. I use their cream as a makeup base. I actually like them so much that I got them for my mom as well.

Shannen: I highly recommend the plasma device from Korea which I use every day. The more you use, the prettier your skin gets.

Where is NUE SHAPE located?

Email NUE SHAPE at enquiry@nueshape.com.sg or call the Hotline at 8522 3751 for enquiries.


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