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#WeekenderTries: How I Miraculously Got A Fuller, Healthier Head Of Hair

Seeing the hair strands on my brush was a “nightmare”.

Back from a hectic maternity leave with barely any rest (new mothers could surely relate), I was all ready to return to the office and dive back into work, but…my hair seemed to have other ideas. To my horror, I realised that motherhood had taken a toll on my formerly full head of hair, and I was suffering from the dreaded post-partum hair loss.

I started to try all kinds of hair growth shampoos and products, but none worked. Looking at the alarming number of hair strands on my brush and shower drain every day was extremely demoralising, especially when everything I did or ate seemed to have zero effect.

Finally, I decided to seek professional help to cure my hair loss once and for all. Considering the plethora of hair loss specialists and the treatments offered, it was not an easy decision to make.

I decided to go with Yun Nam Hair Care, seeing how it is voted by consumers as “Singapore’s No. 1 Hair Growth Expert ” and seemed like the most effective solution. Thus begins the story of how I managed to restore my thinning hair back to its thick, full look!

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Yun Nam Hair Care is a hair care expert that provides specialised solutions in hair growth, as well as other hair and scalp conditions. It currently has 9 branches island-wide and has become a household name, with a significant number of glowing reviews!

While doing my research, I also discovered that my favourite local actress, Jesseca Liu, is a long-time Yun Nam client and brand ambassador. We love to have gorgeous tresses just like hers!

During my first visit, Michelle, a consultant at Yun Nam Hair Care, gave me a detailed one-to-one consultation. Aside from sharing about hair loss and the hair growth cycle, she also learned more about my lifestyle to find out exactly why was losing my hair. She diagnosed that postpartum qi and blood deficiency, genetics, and poor sleeping habits were key reasons behind my condition.

With a thorough check of my scalp, which was red, irritated, and oily, Michelle also noticed how thin my hair roots were and a number of hidden bald spots that I had not noticed before!

Seeing my scalp and hair follicles for myself, I now understood how severe my condition was. If I didn’t take early action, my clogged hair follicles may degenerate and stop new hair growth. What could I do to resolve this?

A crowd favourite from Yun Nam Hair Care is its signature FASTGro™ Pure Herbal Hair Growth Treatment, which is customised to the cause and severity of each client’s hair loss condition. Such targeted solutions can help with hair loss more effectively than a one-size-fits-all formula.

Another highlight is how the formula is made of 100% premium Chinese herbs, making it gentle, safe, and without any side effects. This made the formula even better for new mothers like me.

Given the state of my hair and scalp, the consultant suggested starting with a deep cleanse to unclog and “open” the hair follicles for better absorption of nutrients from the pure herbal formula she prepared specially for me. This special formula contained more than 10 different kinds of herbs, such as Salvia, Pinellia, and Poria, which are targeted to remove grease, repair hair follicles, and strengthen hair roots. The natural herbal concoction also promotes qi and improves blood circulation.

When applied to the scalp, I felt a warm, soothing sensation. Michelle also helped me to apply thermal therapy using a steam machine, which was aimed to maximise my scalp’s absorption of all the herbal goodness in the formula.

This was followed up with a skillful acupressure scalp massage to ensure improved blood circulation and boosted nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. The entire process felt so rejuvenating, and I felt more refreshed and clear-minded after that.

After the herbal blend was washed off, I was truly amazed at how my scalp felt like it could “breathe” and felt much cleaner too. The treatment rounded off after Michelle sprayed on an anti-hair-loss essence to further activate the hair follicles and promote hair growth, followed by a complimentary hair-styling session so that I could leave looking fabulous.

Just look at how my scalp has improved after one treatment. It was no longer as red and sensitive, and I didn’t feel that it was as irritated as before.

I dutifully continued treatment when I could, because I really loved the results and treatment experience every time I visited their outlet. After a few treatments, I saw that my clogged hair follicles were much cleaner, and those that initially had only one strand of hair now boasted two strands or more. In fact, each hair strand also appeared to be thicker and stronger.

My hair is so much more voluminous and healthier now, and the most obvious part was the decreasing number of hair strands on my hairbrush and my floor. I feel like a new person and was also able to try out many new hairstyles that I previously could not.

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