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Zepeto: Create Your Avatar And More On This Trending 3D Character App!

We can't get enough of these cute 'chibi' avatars!

Okay, so we've all heard about bitmojis, animojis and memojis... but let me raise you a new one— Zepeto! A 3D avatar-creation app that promises a character cuter than what you can even imagine—and I'm proud to say... I'M TOTALLY SOLD ON THIS APP!

Say goodbye to avatars and emojis that end up looking nothing like you, cuz Zepeto comes with facial recognition system that is able to capture the features of your face and recreate them with precision, even down that mole you didn't seem to notice. You can also further customize how the character looks, from hair colour, eye shape and more.

You can also customize your Zepeto's room by buying furniture and wall decals for them.

Once you're done, head on over to the shop to purchase some new clothes with the coins that you have! Coins can be earned by the daily Lucky Spin, finishing hourly quests, playing the in-app game Flying Zepeto (which kind of works like Flappy Bird) or by spending actual money to purchase coins— whichever method you prefer.

The social media feature of this app enables your character to head to the virtual Streets to meet other Zepetos, add your own friends via your character's unique code, send your own self-made emojis, even make friends with your favourite "celebrity" Zepetos such as BTS and Troye Sivan (most of which are fan-made but we'll honestly never really know!).

And the fun begins once you have customized, dressed your character and made a couple of Zepto friends! Head on over to "Play" where you'll be able to find the Photobooth— where your character can take pictures in various poses, either solo or with other Zepetos!

The magic about this photobooth feature is that you are able to change the background to any picture of your choice. Take a selfie in Santorini or strut that swag out on the red carpet, the world is yours at the photobooth!

For the couples and romantic dreamers, there's also a #romantic hashtag that allows you to take as many mushy (albeit cringey) photos of your Zepetos being lovey-dovey with each other. Talk about fulfilling every fangirl's dream, right?

Stage your own paparazzi walk out, or have a photo shoot with your best girlfriend— the possibilities are endless, and you'll be guaranteed to spend a good couple of hours on the app (hopefully not during work hours!).

The Weekender Team took to Zepeto, worked up some creativity of our own and here's what we have to show for it!

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Our Chief Editor Sabrina, with her favourite actor, Gong Yoo!  

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