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Spruce up your home

These brilliant pieces will spruce up your home and give it some personality


Throwing Stars

The wall-mounted Ninja shelf is inspired by the shuriken, a Japanese throwing star. Each three-pronged shelf was designed to maximise storage space. When the modular pieces are combined, the shelf takes on varying angular shapes on the wall. In keeping with its name, the Ninja shelf stealthily provides secret spaces along the perimeter of the shelf.

– Ninja wall-mounted shelf, price on enquiry, from Slingshot



All Patched Up

When the comfort and quality of Artifort furniture meets the iconic fabrics of Missoni Home, we’re left with the inspired Patch lounge chairs.

– Artifort Patch lounge chairs, $1,615 upwards, from XTRA


Spread It Out

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to dress your home with small furniture. The Cavalletto table is equipped with telescopic joints that let you extend it from a modest 1.8m up to a whopping 2.8m.

– Cavalletto dining table, price on enquiry, from Smootree


Winning Whimsical

Textile manufacturer Roselle Mont-Clair welcomes the spring season with a collection of fun and gorgeous textiles with the theme ‘Serendipity’. One of our favourite prints is called Whimsy, a 100 per cent linen fabric with intricate prints in four colourways.

– Whimsy linen collection, price on enquiry, from Roselle Mont-Clair


Into The Wild

If you want to bring warmth into your interiors consider introducing wood furniture like this coffee table into your home. It’s a simple, all-natural way to make a space feel homely and inviting.

– Wood coffee table, price on request, from Ovas


Work For It

Lately, the coffee-drinking experience has evolved into the mundane act of popping a capsule into a machine and pressing a button. The ROK espresso maker intends to change that with a creative, hands-on approach. The coffee press uses zero electricity – all you need is enough upper body strength to squeeze water through your ground coffee beans. Voila! A personalised coffee experience!

– ROK Espresso Maker, $270, from Naiise (www.naiise.com)


Butterfly Kisses

Liven up a bland corner of the room or make a statement at the dinner table with these tall flower vases from Nordal. The whimsical floral and butterfly motifs are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

– Nordal flower vase, $89 each, from Make Room 



Clean Touch

We’ve all been through this: Both your hands are dirty and you’re trying to turn on the tap without using your fingers. The Minta Touch provides an elegant solution. One tap of the Minta Touch with the back of your hand, wrist or forearm is all it takes to turn it on or off.

– Minta Touch faucet, price on enquiry, from Grohe. 


Soft Colour

Adding colour into your interior design may be a daunting task for homeowners who are used to a monochromatic colour palette. Start simple with colourful rugs, like the Hay S&B Colour carpet. You’ll be amazed at how a simple carpet can instantaneously brighten up a room.

– S&B Colour Carpet, price on enquiry, from Grafunkt


Piece By Piece

Textured wall tiles are all the rage right now, and understandably so as they bring detail and depth to the smallest of rooms. We’re especially fond of pieces that change according to how light is cast on them, just like the Abita collection of bathroom tiles, including these Particolare mosaic tiles.

– Abita collection, price on request, from GF+A


Sounds Good

Metal, wood, leather and ceramic components are intricately put together – by hand, no less – to create these sculptural wind chimes. The Aura Chimes are designed for use both indoors and out, and anoint breezy days and nights with their sweet ringing. Each chime is a unique creation, with ceramic parts that vary slightly in size and colour.

– Aura Ring Chime, $330 upwards, from Dream


Naturally outdoors

Designed by Stephen Burks, the Dala collection brings a unique look to your outdoor experience. These weatherproof lanterns and planters are constructed from an aluminium mesh with the revolutionary Dedon fibre (created from recycled food-and-drinks packaging) woven through it. We’re especially fond of details like the man-made leather handles.

– Dedon Dala lanterns and planters, $523 upwards, from XTRA 


V For Victory

This cabinet is a glorious way to bring an unexpected burst of colour into the living room. The bold hues are reminiscent of colour clashes in the 80s – only better – while the chevron pattern brings a dynamism that is rarely seen in furniture these days.

– Stella Cabinet, $739, from CB2