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Space savers

Photo: Howards Storage World
Photo: Howards Storage World
Photo: Howards Storage World

Get organised and remove the clutter in your home

How messy are Singaporeans?

I’ve found that the majority of Singaporeans are actually well-organised, living up to the general image of Singapore.
In my experience, clutter tends to build up because of a lack of time and situational circumstances, such as going through gestation or transiting between jobs.

Do you think the situation is improving?

The tendency to clutter has definitely increased. However, I’m delighted to see a greater variety of organising furniture and accessories available to consumers. Flexible furniture and space-saving storage are more easily accessible and priced attractively.

What can homeowners do to get more storage space?

The first step to getting organised and creating a space for every item is to de-clutter. This means removing incomplete articles, like a toy with missing parts or an unfinished project, duplicates, items that haven’t been used for more than six months, and objects of no sentimental or financial value.

When maximising storage, ask yourself:

1) Can I store this upright or hang it vertically?
For instance, arrange to neatly stand rolls of kitchen towels, cling film and foil in the deep kitchen drawer. Use vertical magazine holders and tiered trays.

2) Can I eke out more space by using the corner of a room?
Take advantage of corners with a triangular computer desk, or mount a washbasin in a tight bathroom.

3) Have I utilised the full height and depth of what I already own?
Kitchen cupboards tend to have just two levels, but you gain one-third additional space by installing one extra shelf.

By Georgina Wong,CEO and owner of Asian Professional Organisers