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Showflat ideas to steal

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Dressed to impress, condominium showflats are prime inspiration sources. Not only do they look impeccable, they also often feature clever ideas worth learning from.

Here are a few tips we picked up from some stylish showflats.

Versatile Feature Walls


Feature walls are common in homes, but this Riverbank condominium showsuite is an example of how a customisable wall can do wonders for a living room. A plain wall is covered with thin strips of wood for added texture in this home.

The best part, however, is the adjustable shelves that are slotted between the strips of wood. These shelves can be quickly and easily positioned along any of the slots, letting you reconfigure the display of personal mementoes and ornaments against the feature wall, whenever you wish.

Riverbank@Fernvale, courtesy of UOL Group

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