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Easy Elegance

In this week of our popular segment, the owners had their new home done while they were in Hong Kong!


Renovating a home is not the easiest of things to do. But when designer and homeowner are located in different countries during the renovation process, the task becomes downright gargantuan.

Such was the case with this apartment. Its owners, who had been living in Hong Kong for eight years, were finally returning to Singapore and wanted a modern and elegant space to come home to.

Addressing the brief head on, interior design firm Altered Interior not only delivered a refined apartment that is easy on the senses, but also managed to pull it off while the owners were still in Hong Kong during the entire design and construction process.

Aligning Priorities

Glass doors from the private lift lobby lead directly into an airy and open space, with the living area resting one side and the dining room and kitchen on the other. That the entire space feels streamlined is no accident.

Designer Christina Choong shares that adjustments to the layout had to be made. Beside the dining area, the store room and common bathroom were aligned and cleverly concealed behind sliding panels that work in tandem with a simple but well-detailed mirror feature in the centre of the space.

A Fetching Pair


The owners have a keen appreciation for design and wanted to fill their home with some of their favourite designer furniture pieces. This is most obviously seen in the dining area, which is a picture of contemporary elegance. The dining set and distinct lamps were all handpicked by the owners in Hong Kong with the help of Christina, and shipped over when they made their move.

Complementing the dining area is the partially open kitchen. By moving the kitchen entrance to the side, Christina could create a convenient serving counter between the kitchen and dining area.

A Clear Study


The renovation came with its fair share of hacking, not least when it came to creating a new study for the family. Walls were replaced with glass partitions for a bright and airy space that is conducive for work.

A generous amount of storage was also included to organise the heaps of books and files that come with running a full household.

Care and Share


The owners’ two children share the same bedroom, so it is important that it is conducive for both of them. Not only did Christina custom build a bed with a pull-out for the younger child, she also implemented two desks at different heights to accommodate each child. A composition of storage over the desks plays the part of both practical necessity and graphical feature in the room.

Cosy Up


The master bedroom is best described as a cocoon of earthy proportions.

“We chose neutral brown and grey colours to create a very relaxing ambience,” says Christina.

Practical interventions also took place, with additional cabinets in a row at the front of the room. Instead of buying an off-the-shelf bed, a customised under-storage bed frame ensures that the design of the room remains consistent.

By Redzman Rahmat

Article first published in Lookbox Living #35 Mar/Apr 2014

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