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You Can Now Buy Yourself A Singlish-Speaking Robot

He converses, plays games and even cleans your home

By Samantha Francis; Photos: Courtesy of DeAgostini

Robi 3

Boyish and anime-like, Robi looks like he’s walked straight out of a manga comic.

Meet Robi, Singapore’s first Singlish-speaking robot.

If dystopian sci-fi films like iRobot have left you paranoid about mobs of frightful cyborgs, worry not. Boyish and anime-like, Robi looks like he’s walked straight out of a manga comic — ready to greet you with a convivial smile.

Designed for DeAgostini by Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, the build-it-yourself robot is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced Japanese technology, designed to provide interactive companionship for the entire family.

Prof Takahashi & Robi

Robi is designed for DeAgostini by Professor Tomotaka Takahashi.


Even if building things isn’t your forte, each purchase comes with an educational magazine along with instructions and model parts, delivered over the course of 70 issues. Families and robotic enthusiasts can look forward to assembling Robi with their own hands.

Most importantly, we’re curious about what Robi can do. Weighing approximately 1kg at a height of 34cm, he comes with a sophisticated speech recognition board programmed to understand different phrases and reply appropriately.

We hear the Singapore version will be able to speak English, Chinese and even Singlish! Sounds like Robi is ready to give Siri a run for its money.

Robi 4

Robi’s talents include the ability to polish and clean a tabletop or hard floor surface using his feet.

Robi converses and cleans

Apart from intelligent speech, its motion sensors can detect human presence, allowing him to turn his face in response to movement. To keep the little ones entertained, Robi also knows how to play a variety of games, including ‘soccer’ and quizzes.

And best of all? His talents include the ability to polish and clean a tabletop or hard floor surface using his feet.

If all of these sound exciting to you, head to the roadshow at Marina Square Shopping Mall from July 9-10 to discover Robi’s emotive functions.

Robi retails at $28.90 per issue and is available at selected supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and newsstands from July 5 onwards.