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Before you start renovating…


Marc Wong of Linear Space shares with homeowners some design tips

Marc Wong, founder of Linear Space, has a clear passion for interior design. During his 13-year stint in the industry, he has learnt to think outside of the box, and is always game for new challenges.

The young designer has earned a reputation for coming up with designs that eschew the predictable. It helps that he has a keen eye for design, and a knack for spotting key trends.

Here are some useful tips from the design stalwart:

1. Have your own distinct style

Don’t look at magazines and websites and try to copy the ideas for your home. Your home should have your own personal touch. A basic design should have clean lines and a clean profile to allow it to stand out.

2. Achieve a good balance

One of the things I learned in this industry is that we need to balance the different design elements together. In designing a home, you need to balance function with beauty. There’s no point for a design element to simply look good; it needs to have a purpose too.

3. Find the right designer

Have an open conversation with your designer. Communicate your concerns and together, you can come up with different solutions. That’s why it’s so important to find the right designer, someone that you can click with and feel comfortable.

4. Be discreet with colours

Don’t force colours into your home, especially if it’s a colour that you dislike. Just because your neighbour’s wall is coated yellow, it doesn’t mean you should follow suit.

You can add colour to your home gradually with small accessories like cushions and curtains. This way, you can have better control over the outcome!