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9 Genius Walk-In Wardrobe Solutions For Small Apartments

These ideas will help you build the dream wardrobe you've always wanted

Photos: Courtesy of Qanvast.

Always fantasised about having a luxurious walk-in wardrobe at home, but worried about whether it’ll take up too much floor space? Just study these creatively designed homes!

They prove that regardless of the layout and size of the room, there’s always a space-efficient solution. And that all it takes is a little imagination to create your dream wardrobe.

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2. To create a more fluid flow of space between the master bedroom and the room that has been transformed into a walk-in wardrobe, have the wall that separates them partially hacked (significantly cheaper than hacking the entire wall). Having a sliding door to divide both rooms also creates more privacy for the wardrobe and changing area – crucial if you have guests (or parents) popping by unexpectedly!

Interior Designer: Wee Studio
Location: Punggol Field (HDB)

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