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10 Happily-Ever-After Homes For The Newlyweds

Are you a newlywed, or do you hear wedding bells ringing on the horizon?

Here are 10 small space-friendly interior designs that will look amazing in any starter home for the “Just Married” couple. These homes are visually appealing, easy to maintain, and have room leftover for some fun and creativity too! Couples who have just tied the knot (or are planning to), this article is for you.

Understated minimalism

A minimalist apartment is perfect for newlyweds with active lifestyle as they require little upkeep to look polished and clean. Go for classic wood furniture with a modern rustic appeal and a few statement art pieces to jazz up your home with minimal effort.

AidenT-Serangoon-Bedroom AidenT-Serangoon-Dining AidenT-Serangoon-Living-Room


Interior Designer: Aiden-T
Location: Serangoon (HDB, 121 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $80,000

Live easy and bright in this minimalist home that has a clean colour scheme of white, black and greys. The glow emanating from the recessed lights is soft and warm, creating a harmonious atmosphere that uplifts the spirit. Clutter can be overwhelming and take over one’s time, so it is ideal for newlyweds to go easy on the furnishings, like this home!


82-Compassvale-Hallway-Kitchen 82-Compassvale-Living-Room 82-Compassvale-Study

Interior Designer: 82
Location: Compassvale (HDB, 102 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $65,000

Every day is Funday

The design on the wall complements the black frames of the photographs, creating an aww-inducing feature wall that speaks loudly of the couple’s love. The open concept living and dining area also gives off the illusion of being spacious, and we love the cute and quirky lighting pieces that dangle from the ceiling.

The-80s- Studio-Tampines-Dining-Hallway- The-80s- Studio-Tampines-Kitchen The-80s- Studio-Tampines-Living-Room

Interior Designer: The 80’s studio
Location: Tampines (condo, 111 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $35,000

Another gorgeous open concept apartment that makes moving around extremely carefree and easy, this apartment’s ceiling design is so unique and ahead of the times. We know that this couple knows how to live it up because instead of a traditional coffee table, they have a beer crate filled with bottles of happy and a dining table in the balcony, because why not?


Space-Define-Tampines-Dining-Kitchen Space-Define-Tampines-Living-Room Space-Define-Tampines-Living-Room-Hallway

Interior Designer: Space Define
Location: Tampines (HDB, 108 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $65,000

This pleasant little Scandinavian apartment is perfect for newlyweds who love to keep things understated, but know that straying occasionally from a white and black colour combination helps to keep things lively. The rug in the living room adds a bright dash of colour without overpowering the other coloured accents in the room.


Green-and-Lush-Dining-Hallway Green-and-Lush-Kitchen Green-and-Lush-Kitchen-White Green-and-Lush-Living-Room

Interior Designer: Green & Lush
Location: Punggol (HDB, 92 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $32,000

Nature meets city

With a view like that, what more do you need? This condo keeps it sophisticated yet simple, proving that keeping it modest on the inside paves way for the magnificent view to shine through. Chalkboard walls are also a great way for couples to leave little love notes for each other; no wonder they are getting more popular in homes these days.


FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Chalk-Board FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Dining-Hallway FSI-TreeHouse-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Kitchen

Interior Designer: FSI
Location: TreeHouse (condo, 88 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $58,000

Going contemporary but in touch with nature, the use of wooden elements in this apartment helps it to achieve a stately air. The movable shelves in the study are an audiophile and cinephile’s dream, providing enough storage space to shelf tons of CDs and DVDs. The walk-in closet is also to lust for as it comes with bright, natural light and a spectacular view.


Prozfile-Quinterra-Dining-Hallway Prozfile-Quinterra-Living-Room Prozfile-Quinterra-Study Prozfile-Quinterra-Walk-in-Wardrobe

Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Quinterra (condo, 158 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $65,000

Privacy is overrated

Together forever, and never to part? Now newlyweds can do so in an apartment like this. A separate room but not really, the glass walls ensure that you have some privacy to get work done while ogling your partner outside the room. The use of different tiles to demarcate the living room from the kitchen is another great way of working an open concept space.


Distinct-Identity-Sumang-Link-Kitchen Distinct-Identity-Sumang-Link-Living-Dining Distinct-Identity-Sumang-Link-Living-Room

Interior Designer: DistinctIdentity
Location: Sumang Link (HDB, 111 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $50,000

Toy museum in the heartlands

In an apartment dominated by shades of white, brown and black, we love the surprising pop of cool blue in the living room. We also love the newlyweds’ proclamation of “Just Married” and their friends’ cheeky messages on the fun chalkboard wall. If you find someone willing to devote space in the hallway for a toy exhibition, you’ve got a keeper right there.


D5-Studio-Image-Upper-Serangoon-Chalk-Wall-Hallway D5-Studio-Image-Upper-Serangoon-Cresent-Display-Collectibles D5-Studio-Image-Upper-Serangoon-Cresent-Living-Room D5-Studio-Upper-Serangoon-Bedroom

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image
Location: Upper Serangoon Crescent (HDB, 92 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $36,000

Simple indulgence

Newlyweds who fancy the finer things in life, you can easily attain that opulent look in your home too. Think plush dining chairs in jewel tones, leather sofas in rich cream shades, and thick, furry carpets in metallic hues. The single bulb in the entryway that scatters intricate lights is a whimsical addition that plays up the dream-like factor of the Parisian wall.


Altitude-Living-Punggol-Prive-Bedroom Altitude-Living-Punggol-Prive-Paris-Inspired-Dining-Entrance Altitude-Living-Punggol-Prive-Paris-Inspired-Dining-Room Altitude-Living-Punggol-Prive-Paris-Inspired-Living-Room-Balcony

Interior Designer: Altitude Living
Location: Prive @ Punggol (condo, 102 sqm)
Cost of renovation: $25,000

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