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10 Space Saving Solutions For Small Homes

Innovative ideas that will declutter your home and save space

Small home? No problem. No spatial dilemma is too big to tackle with these creative storage ideas and multi-purpose furniture. These ideas will help to declutter your home, and make space where there is none.

Problem: Too much stuff!


1. Try a foldable bed

If space is what you lack in a small bedroom, this magical foldable bed is the only solution you need. Pull it down before you sleep and push it up when not in use to save precious space.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design

Location: Hougang


2. Extendable dining table

Say yes to this ingenious dining table now. On a normal day, it is an unassuming small counter just perfect for a small family. But when you have company over, it is able to extend out and accommodate at least ten people. This space-friendly pop-out table will solve your dining dilemma.

Interior Designer: The Association
Location: 158 Haig Court


Problem: Too much clutter



3. Double your storage space with a platform bed

The platform gives plenty of storage and makes the whole bedroom look clutter-free.

Architect: Studio JP
Location: Telok Kurau


4. Tuck away unsightly cables

We like how this handy bedside table has a hidden compartment for charging cables.

Interior Designer: Dan’s Workshop
Location: The Horizon

Problem: An awkward layout


5. Customise your cupboards

The trouble with buying pre-made shelves and cabinets is that they can leave awkward corners and dead ends. Custom make cupboards to fit corners to make full use of your space.

Interior Designer: Imagine by SK66

Location: Defu Lane


6. Modify your wardrobe

With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can make an awkward layout work to your advantage. This walk-in wardrobe even manages to create space for a little functional dressing table.

Interior Designer: Lux Design
Location: Silversea

Problem: It feels crowded at home


7. Get a sofa with front and back seats

Got a big family? One clever way of accommodating a multi-generational family in a small apartment is to include a sofa that allows front and back seating. We like how the designer managed to carve a space for the study from the small living room as well.

Architect: EHKA Studio

Location: Esparina Residences


8. Make use of window ledges

Make the best use of the window ledges in your home by transforming them into something that will help serve your daily needs.

This makeup dresser on the window ledge is ingenious as it has compartments for makeup products and frees up the need to get a dresser.

Interior Designer: Habit
Location: Vision

Problem: I want a customised space


9. Use a TV mount that swivels

Get all the TV time you want with this novel swivel mount TV. This wonderful component puts the TV to good use with its ability to serve two rooms.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY

Location: Park Central @ Ang Mo Kio


10. Use rotating panels

There are days when you need privacy for work, and there are also days when you feel like having a wide, open space. Rotating panels like this gives versatility in controlling how much space you need.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Telok Blangah

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