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Do You Own Singapore’s Most Covetable Designer Bag?

One homegrown local business tells us what Singaporean women have been buying in the past year

By Samantha Francis


(Photo: andersphoto / Shutterstock.com)

Outfits may come and go, but bags last for years. An iconic and classic designer handbag may be a worthy investment if you’re looking for a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

From the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton Speedy to the modern Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, and not forgetting the ultimate icon of luxury — the Hermès Birkin, these bags are well-known and well-loved. For many women, owning your first designer handbag can feel like a wonderful rite of passage.

Home-grown online purveyor of luxury products, Reebonz, recently turned seven this year. We speak to Samantha Toh, Associate Merchandiser from the Atelier Team at Reebonz, to find out more about the top-selling bags on their site in the past year.

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1. Balenciaga Classic City


Sold: 282
Average price: $2,200

Why aren’t we surprised this bag topped the list? Indisputably the most iconic bag in the Balenciaga line-up, the City remains popular till this day. Lovingly known as the ‘motorcycle bag’, the City combines rugged chic with day-to-day pragmatism.

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