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Lake Life: A resort lifestyle, now right at home

Lake Life redefines condo living by marrying home, harmony and health

Lake Life is Singapore’s first futuristic condominium to offer facilities to promote active, healthy living for the young and old alike

Lake Life, brought to you by the Evia Real Estate-led consortium, redefines condo living with a myriad of facilities and activities to promote an active, healthy lifestyle for its residents and even their pets.

Lake Life redefines condo living by marrying home, harmony and health
Lake Life redefines condo living by marrying home, harmony and health

Facilities Galore For An Active Lifestyle

Residents can look forward to the cycling trails and walking paths located conveniently within the Lake Life compounds.

A modern and sophisticated gym to satisfy any fitness enthusiast

Gym enthusiasts will have easy access to modern and sophisticated gym equipment from the leading brand Precor. These gym machines are linked to the True Fitness chain of health clubs, a bonus to help residents stay in tip-top form.

True Yoga’s trainers will also be on site to provide residents with different types of yoga classes daily to rejuvenate themselves. These classes will be held either indoors, at the Yoga Garden or at a special hot yoga studio.

Lake Life’s resort-style swimming pool is where residents can engage in water aerobics and water therapy. Additional perks include CPR lessons and swimming lessons for the young ones conducted by Start Young coaches.

Other sports facilities include a full-sized tennis court, a basketball-half-court and a futsal court. Professional coaches are on hand to help residents, including children and toddlers, hone their tennis skills.

Fun and Recreation for Everyone

Children can enjoy endless fun in a water playground and an “Adventure Hill” resembling a Hobbiton enclave featuring a giant hillock with slides and burrows.

A variety of dance lessons for residents both young and old are also available. Professional instructors from Dancepointe Academy are on hand to teach ballet, jazz, hip-hop and even K-pop.

The elderly will have their own wellness and fitness zone. Families can walk their dogs and socialise in the “Pet Zone”, which accommodates both big and small pets, and holds a pet waste disposal station. Bird lovers can enjoy themselves at the aviary or “Bird Singing Zone”.

Relax and stroll with your family and pets in any of the themed gardens

Relax and Recharge at the Gardens

Even the gardens have different themes. The Yoga Garden is ideal for meditation, while the Reading Garden is designed for solitude. The Zen Garden is distinctively tranquil, and the whimsical Chess Garden is perfect for families who love this challenging sport.

Edible Gardens, a company co-founded by Bjorn Low and Rob Pearce, will teach residents about urban farming by helping them start their own edible balcony gardens and also farm at the roof terraces. A cabbage patch in the garden gives children the opportunity to experience hands-on farming.

Interview with Mr Leslie Lim, Co-Managing Partner at Evia Real Estate

1. Was your career choice in real estate related to or influenced by your educational background?

Having lived in a land scarce society, real estate is close to the hearts of many Singaporeans. We naturally appreciate the value of the current use of land, its surrounding area and perhaps even the enhancement potential of the land. Legal training has given me structure and problem solving skills.

2. When did you get started in property fund management at Evia Real Estate?

Together with my other Managing Partner Vincent Ong and Partner Micheal Tan from Ho Lee Group, Evia Real Estate was formed in 2011 with the objective of investing in industrial and residential projects.

3. What is your current role in Evia Real Estate, and what does that role involve?

My role now is to augment current skillsets and key relationships with service providers, and on the capital provider front, to broaden our investor base to include 2 or 3 more global investors. I was fortunate to have gained the initial trust and support from a close group of smart sophisticated investors that continue to support us to this day. My goal is to maintain that trust and continue delivering a decent return in the long term.

4. What are your thoughts on the creation of Lake Life’s resort lifestyle amenities?

The highlights and features of Lake Life stem from our unique concept of active living. We want to go beyond providing consumers with living spaces, to giving them a holistic lifestyle and wellness experience in the comfort of their home.

For sales enquiries, please call 6221 8080 or visit lakelife.sg for more information. Applications open 4 Oct. Show gallery located on Lakeside Drive, next to Lakeside MRT.


By Runbin Yew