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Are you ready for the world’s longest zoom?

There is nothing more useful than a powerful zoom. Never worry about compromising quality due to distance again with Canon Powershot SX60 HS

Never miss a detail again with this powerful zoom
Never miss a detail again with this powerful zoom

There are many things that can cause a bad photo. It can be anything from bad lighting to accidental movement, but there is nothing more damaging than blurred photos.

More often than not, it is because the object you are shooting is a distance away and when zoomed, image quality is lost. From concerts to nightscapes, it is important to realize the pivotal function of zoom and how much we depend on a good one for fantastic photos.

Introducing the world’s longest zoom

The Canon Powershot SX60 HS is the latest Digital Compact Camera which boasts of the world’s longest zoom, with a dynamic zoom range from a wide 21mm to a far-reaching 1356mm. There has never been a Digital Compact Camera with a zoom stronger than this.

This means you never have to stretch over a photo again. With this new function, one can now achieve powerful concert photos even if your seats are far back. Say hello to fresh, enhanced landscape shots when you can zoom over the itty bitty right to the starring scenery.

Advanced shots with advanced zoom

It is easy to go out of focus or tilt accidentally when you’re reaching out to take faraway photos. Not only so, but even slight movements in your scenery can deeply affect the taken photo. Now, this issue is elevated.

With the Advanced Zoom Framing Assist, poorly composed or blurry shots will be effectively countered. It is designed to shoot at high zoom and will secure a stable preview before snapping. Never worry about blurry shots again!

Capture every last dance movement of your favourite stars
Capture every last dance movement of your favourite stars

Say hi to Wi-Fi

But my favourite function would have to be the Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities. I have always abhorred taking photos with my phone because there is insufficient quality in it.

With the Wi-Fi function, I can now seamlessly transfer the photos from my Canon Digital Compact Camera to my phone for live, real-time updating. Talk about ease!

Photo tips

DO make sure you note the image size before sending it over to your phone. Some images may be too large for your phone capacity so take note to send it one-by-one and not in one go.

By Nicole Lee