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Top New Facial And Aesthetic Treatments To Try For Youthful, Glowing Skin

Say goodbye to your skin woes with the latest cutting-edge technology.

As the sun gets even more relentless with its fierce rays, and work isn’t being any kinder on us, our skin is crying out for a break. Don’t wait till Chinese New Year – it’s time to pamper our skin and get that long-overdue beauty fix.

If you’ve been struggling to find that perfect facial or treatment for your skin type, why not venture out and try a new one? Beauty salons and clinics have been stepping up their game with the latest innovative technology and premium ingredients to fight all those pesky skin problems. These new treatments will help us put our best face and body forward.

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Photo: My Cozy Room

5. My Cozy Room Premium Pore Extraction Facial Treatment

Leave all your skin woes to the expert hands at My Cozy Room! The boutique spa’s luxurious bespoke facial treatments have won several awards and high praises from celebrities and beauty queens alike. You can even banish your fears about the dreadful extraction, for My Cozy Room is well-known as one of the Best Facial Extractions beauty salons in Singapore. They are thorough yet gentle with the process, leaving your skin with minimal pain and redness. If you have enlarged pores that are easily clogged, go for the Premium Pore Extraction Facial Treatment. It is said to deliver results of visibly clearer skin in one 2-hour session. It uses the internationally renowned Doctor BABOR range of products that target acne and clogged skin under the skilful hands of the therapists. The thorough 20 steps work to prevent stubborn acne and treat blemished areas, shrink enlarged pores, and reduce the signs of ageing, all while improving the hydration of your skin.

For first-time customers residing in Singapore, you can enjoy the Premium Pore Extraction Facial Treatment at 50% off !

My Cozy Room is located at 56A Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229667.

For more information, please click here.

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