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New Beauty Trends To Try: Multi-Masking, Bubble Masks & More

Unveil a clearer and brighter complexion with these five purifying masks

Fuss-free and efficient enough to give your skin a quick boost, masks are a must-have in any girl’s beauty regimen.

These days, the options have grown to encompass more than just sheet masks.

Pick from bubbling masks that deeply cleanse pores, multi-masking products that help target concerns on different parts of your face and even peel-off masks that can easily rid impurities.

Spoilt for choice? Here are some of our favourites to try.

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Photo: Belif

2. Belif The White Decoction Ultimate Brightening Bubble

Bubble masks are all the rage thanks to the fact that they whisk off impurities and also make hilarious selfies. The White Decoction-Ultimate Brightening Bubble Mask ($53) from Belif is one such product, enriched with moringa extract for purification properties and Root White Decoction Formula to brighten skin for a clear complexion. Its gel form transforms into herbal micro-bubbles upon contact, ridding impurities and sebum inside the pores with a comforting and moist finish.

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