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5 Reasons Why Livinguard Has Possibly The Best Masks During the COVID 19 Pandemic

A face mask is a critical tool to help slow the spreading of Covid-19. But an important question is, how effective is your face mask?

More than two years later and unfortunately, the pandemic still remains. It has reached a point where everyone is not easing into, but now embracing a new normal with Covid-19. One clear indication of this new normal? Face masks.

Hygiene technology company Livinguard has produced a range of masks built with the Swiss brand's self-disinfecting, antiviral and antimicrobial textiles. Their goal is to empower everyone to take back their lives by standing against the virus in a protected and safe manner.

Discover more about Livinguard and 5 reasons why their next-generation masks are the one of the best out there.

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3. A Sustainable Mask Protection 

Whether one-time use or daily wash, using other masks emit more carbon footprints than you think. 1 Livinguard mask effectively replaces 210 single-use masks – thus being more sustainable. Additionally, Livinguard masks, with their self disinfecting technology, enable you to rewear the mask multiple times before they need to be washed, without compromising on safety or efficacy.

You only need to rinse it under running tap water for about 2 minutes without the use of soap or detergent and the textile continuously captures and destroys microorganisms with no compromise on safety or efficacy.

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