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Karl Largerfeld’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Is Exclusively Available At Robinsons The Heeren

Now all you need is a fluffy white cat like Choupette to complete your look

Photos: Robinsons The Heeren

Apart from being synonymous with the House of Chanel where he is head designer and creative director, Karl Largerfeld has become some sort of a pop cultural icon himself.

His iconic look — ponytail and sunglasses, has been immortalised on a range of fashionable goodies thanks to his own eponymous label.

With the upcoming Karl Largerfeld Fall/Winter 2017 collection, fans can lap up ready-to-wear apparel and accessories that all pay tribute to not only Largerfeld’s signature look, but his adorable cat Choupette as well.

Available exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren from August onward, the Karl Largerfeld Fall/Winter 2017 collection is segregated into three separate drops.

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Karl The Photographer

Part of the brand’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection, this range features t-shirts and bags that draw inspiration from Lagerfeld’s love of photography.

Expect to find this line adorned with cartoon portraits of the designer and his cat, alongside playful graphics such as photo reels and Polaroid pictures.

If you can’t bear to part with $569 for a sleek backpack, the collection also offers iPhone cases that cost $49 a pop.

Like magpies, our attention is drawn to the dazzling Karl Photographer Minaudiere ($299), which is perfect for adding a magical spark to any outfit.

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